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Safety Counts -- Because Nothing is More Important.

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Our service technicians and drivers are trained with your safety as their number one priority.

Unlike our competitors, we do not fill cylinders at the customer site which endangers your business and employees.

Meridian Propane fills at our site utilizing state of the art filling platforms then delivers the full cylinders to you. In addition, we provide:

• All calls – including emergency service answered by company employees - not an answering service.

• Highly trained service technicians who are on call 365 days a year.

• A dependable supply of fuel that’s there when you need it. Every time.

Meridian Propane is committed to the highest levels of safety within our organization and with our customers. We believe that propane safety is the most important consideration within the propane gas industry. For nearly 60 years, we have implemented saftey standards in accordance with the Texas Railroad Commission Safety Division:

Texas Railroad Commission Safety Division (LP Gas/Propane)

Safety First

Forklift cylinder exchange is the safest and most efficient way to keep your propane forklifts running. Everyone wants the safest working environment for their employees. When you refill your own propane cylinders, you have an obligation to ensure you meet all of the critical safety propane requirements. By choosing propane cylinder exchange, you can avoid all of these hassles. Simply leave your empty propane cylinders and we will exchange them with full aluminum propane cylinders. What could be more convenient?

Good Propane Handling Practices

•Do not smoke while handling propane cylinders.

•If you detect a leak, shut off valves and place cylinder outside.

•Contact your propane provider to repair or replace propane tank.

•Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when handling propane cylinders

•When not in use always close all propane valves.

•Store all cylinders in safety storage racks away from any source of ignition or extreme heat.

•Always read warning labels attached to propane cylinders.

•Direct contact with propane will cause freeze burns to skin.

•Remember, propane is a hazardous material, treat it with respect.

Our Commitment and Dedication to Safety

Meridian Propane continues to set the standard for safety within our service area. We are always actively engaged in activities that promote the safe use of propane throughout our propane service coverage area.

Our team leaders continual training all of our employees in propane safety –and as our long standing customers know, we always put safety first.