Joe Rider Propane

Building on the nearly 60 year legacy of Joe Rider Propane, Meridian Propane provides the best customer service available to meet the energy needs of businesses throughout the DFW area. What makes Meridian Propane the continued choice of so many? Quite simply, it’s our total dedication to value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Many businesses choose propane forklifts because they provide a safe, clean, powerful, and economic solution over battery, gas and diesel.

At Meridian Propane, we deliver superior propane solutions by providing 24/7 cylinder exchanges that ensure 100% run-time on all your propane forklifts. We also customize your delivery schedules specific to your needs so your billings reflect your usage - not storage of unused materials.

Meridian is all very aware of safety by only delivering prefilled cylinders - refilled at our facility - not yours - by trained technicians assuring you are getting the safetest propane service possible.

Meridian Propane provides you the very best quality of propane product, support and service for your clean-burning, environmentally sound propane forklifts:


• Propane for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications

• Convenient delivery and payment options catered to your needs and budget.

• Superior customer service and competitve pricing provided by our own helpful and friendly customer service representatives.

Above all, all of our energy services are delivered and installed by a team of safety-minded professionals - drivers, technicians and service personnel - who are trained with your safety as well as your comfort and peace of mind as their number one priority.

Our longtime customers are the best testimonial to our dependable service....

We believe this can only be accomplished by providing superior service, quality products, and competitive pricing, all in a timely manner to meet the customer's needs. This philosophy has proven very successful as one of our largest sources of new customers is referrals from existing satisfied customers who then refer their family, friends and neighbors.

Our Cylinder Exchange Program offers your company many significant benefits:

Your employees will be more productive. A ten-minute task refilling a cylinder can easily turn into a half-hour or more non-productive break. Most on-site filling is done using the gravity or “drift fill” method, which is a time-consuming process. One area plant manager noted, “When my guys went out to refill, they’d disappear for twenty minutes or more. I started to multiply my eight drivers times 20 or 30 minutes lost per person each day, and the savings of cylinder exchange started to make sense.”

Your operation will be safer. With the Meridian Propane Cylinder Exchange Program, there will be no discharge of propane at your facility, eliminating the filling process and the attendant risk of an accident at the filling site. The filling of propane cylinders, their proper maintenance, and documentation is covered by a number of regulations, including NFPA’s Pamphlet 58 and DOT Code of Federal Regulations 49. Many companies find it difficult to monitor and comply with these ever-changing regulations.

Our aluminum cylinders do not have the interior rust and scaling problems common to steel cylinders. This dislodged scaling will clog the carburetors of an otherwise properly tuned forklift, lowering fuel economy and raising maintenance costs.

We hope you, like many other area companies, will conclude that the our Propane Cylinder Exchange is your best alternative for forklift refueling. With safety regulations and the cost of insurance quickly becoming major obstacles in all businesses, we can help you combat escalating operating costs. If you’d like more information, or if we can assist you with any other part of your forklift refueling or general propane needs, please contact us.